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The Renaissance Man -
Renovation and Repair formerly 
OnthegoRvpro - A multi-trade professional contractor 

D.B.A - 


Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels and Renovations 

 Creating exceptional construction remodels and renovations that always exceed peoples expectations. I knock down walls, get rid of the old and outdated tile and plumbing, and replace it with quality materials that will stand the test of time. With my expertise, experience and commitment to quality, and a little help from a professional designer specializing in residential bathrooms and kitchens with a modern touch, we can turn your vision into reality. Reasonable rates and quality of work set me apart from the rest. 


I've recently expanded my horizons by teaming up with a 3rd generation tile setter, and together we've completed 3 absolutely beautiful custom tile bathrooms in 3 weeks...


Custom Building

We specialize in designing and building custom kitchens and bathrooms that reflect the unique style and needs of our clients. From concept to completion, we ensure every detail is perfect. Formerly a Electrician Union 716, a Journeyman Plumber, RV Technician, among other things, I have the licenses and experience, backed by insurance, to change, remove, relocate or redesign anything. 

Renovation & Remodeling

Whether you need a kitchen remodel or a Custom Walk-in Shower, just installing new cabinets or a tile backslash, or need a few walls taken down, call Renov8ATX if your looking for a quality,  hassle free, simplified home remodel or renovation. 

Why Hire a independent Contractor?

No need to hire a Electrician to install recess lighting, a plumber to install the new toilet, or a painter to change up the colors. By eliminating the need of other contractors, each project becomes a personal work of art, when you become both the foreman and the technician, the detail and quality of your work is unavoidable.

Ultimately, if your looking to just build a bathroom, call a company, they can do it faster. But if you want a custom design, real tile, built to last, stunning conversation piece in a week or less, call Renov8ATX 

That's just the beginning...


When I'm not busy with a Renov8ATX Remodel, I'm busy helping out neighbors with small projects, from installing Tesla EV chargers to Rebuilding fences, I do it all. Make a list of all the small projects you have yet to tackle around the house,  give me a call, and I'll handle it all, usually in a day or less. Check me out on the Nextdoor neighborhood app, you'll see ;)


TSBPE Plumber – (5 years)
Registration No. 117009 Skipworth
Plumbing, Wichita Falls, Tx

Solution Plumbing, Tomball, Tx

Automotive Painter – (1+ years)

Certified Spies Hecker Permahyd Automotive Paint
Specialists/ Service King/Enterprise
Pearland, Tx

Appliance Installation – (1+ years)
Sears, Houston, Tx

Electrician – (4 years) Union
716, Electrician License No.

Attended NJATC Eltricrician Trade
School 2+ years HOUSTON JOINT

Irrigation Technician – (1+ years)
Accord Irrigation Technologies, Austin,
Tx. Ref. Karen Christiansan (512) 934-

HVAC Technician – Helper (1+ years)
Houston North AC - W.Berrios Houston , Tx

Amusement Ride Maintenance Manager – (3
years) Moonwalks and More, New Caney, tx
Ref. Harold Thomas (713) 478-6234

Apartment Maintenance – Eclision Property
Ref. Raina Powers (281) 658-4646

RV Technician – (2+ years) RVIA Level 2 Tech. PPL Motorhomes, Houston Tx 

OntheGoRVpro Facebook.com/RVTechTyler


"If you can hire #TylerHill you won't be sorry!!

#Motorcycle is not mentioned in his bio but Tyler Hill seems to be that #jackofalltrades guy you absolutely want to know!! I really can't say enough nice things about this guy... Tyler is #courteous #polite #trustworthy #timely #honest and most of all went that extra mile.

Not only did he make sure my #HondaShadow motorcycle got up and running quickly but he ALSO detailed it too, expecting nothing in return. 😇

His pricing is very reasonable, but I would recommend TIPPING him too for his over the top efforts!
#mobilmechanic #fairprice

He is even coming back to fix the transmission on our #mercedesbenz car and the #kawasaki bike we have too. We need more people in the world like Tyler Hill"

— Dale Abbott

"I have never met someone like you who truly can do anything. Your arborist skills are impressive! You are a godsend for me. It’s such a relief to have found you!!"

— Carol B. • Hunter's Chase •

"Tyler is honest, reliable and trustworthy. He went above and beyond to help me with so many things I needed to fix or improve around the house and within my budget. He works efficiently and has a keen eye for detail. I’ll continue hiring Tyler indefinitely for house repairs and he is also maintaining my yard on a regular basis. He was able to fix our sprinkler system that didn’t work for 10 years! I highly recommend Tyler for handyman and lawn maintenance and am so grateful for finding him!"

— Lawanna Turner

“Working with Tyler was a game-changer for me. His attention to detail and the quality of his work is unparalleled. Our Kitchen is now the vocal point of my house, and Tyler actually helped us design it. I highly recommend Tyler for any home repair or remodel project.”

— Sarah Boyd

"I can 2nd this recommendation, he installed
a irrigation drip system for me. Picked up the needed supplies and set up on time and very thorough. l'lI certainly be using him again."

-Carol Tyler 

Big thank you to a reliable, dependable,& knowledgeable mechanic. Great communication affordable, and did a great job. Highly recommend for your cars needs.. :)

-Tracie Piwonka #ThankANeighbor #Nextdoor 

Tyler Hill did an amazing job on my car. He was very punctual, affordable, and did a meticulous  job! He replaced the entire Ac system on my Poniac and it still works great!

Danny Mariscal 

If you are in need of a skilled handyman 'd highly recommend Tyler Hill (512 777 8093). He has done two projects for me so far (replaced, sealed and painted wood frame around garage door opening and deck repair work which included reinforcing deck railing with extra strength bolts) and his work has been outstanding. He pays attention to detail. And the man shows up when he says he will and gets the job done. His work ethic is strong and he's also a great guy to work with on your projects. Extra props to
Tyler, and l'Il be using him again.

 -Shalena  #Nextdoor 

Tyler Hill 512-777-8093
He's reliable and charges very reasonable
prices. He's helped me with my vehicles and
I recommend him 100%

 -Alex Albarran  #Nextdoor 

What is a Renaissance man?

A Renaissance Man tries to develop his capacities as fully as possible. He has a profound knowledge in several fields and deep expertise in some. It is important not to be just a dabbler, but also go more deeply in one or two specialized fields.

The most important asset of a Renaissance Man is his broad base of knowledge, which he can combine to form different patterns. He can solve complex problems by examining them from different directions. He can bring analogies from one discipline to another one and also act as a bridge between different disciplines.


Deliberately put yourself in situations which will challenge you, give you new perspectives and teach you something new (for example traveling). In this way you will gain a wide variety of experiences, which you can learn from and apply later.

You always need to be curious and work on improving yourself. The most important aspect of this is to always be learning new things. Never stop.

The abilities that made Renaissance Men successful in the past are making a comeback and will become a very important path to success for many people in the future:

About Me

My very first job was working at a family business for my uncle, working my butt off laying stamped concrete patios, assembling huge stone water features and doing alot of landscaping. I worked my way up to eventually manage the plant nursery, where I started making improvements, like designing a irrigation system on a timer so i didnt have to manually water all the plants. Wasn't long before I figured out I was worth more than just labor, and that I needed to get certified in something. So, I actually began my career as a Electrician in Union 716 Houston, where I attended a trade school called NJATC. I chose this because my dad was a master electrician and I knew he made decent money. Four years later, when I completed school, I decided I wanted to know more than how to wire a house for power, I wanted to learn how to supply water to my house, and put in a outdoor kitchen, and a better AC. So, I got a job and training as a residential service plumber. Then, got a job as a commercial plumber and did some traveling. Again, I got bored, and had a friend that painted cars. I later took a certified course by Axalta Coating Systems, which landed me a job at Enterprise, Painting Cars. And, there's more. But, I decided, RVs encompass a lot of my talents, and there's a high demand for licensed professionals in the field. I now sub contractor for A few companies, while staying busy with small projects for friends and family in my off time.

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Texas, United States